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Avsa Island: Nature and Unforgettable Memories

Avşa Island, the pearl of the Marmara Sea, welcomes you with a unique experience in every season. With its turquoise waters and historical heritage, it is a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Avşa Island: Nature and Unforgettable Memories

Avşa Island, embraced by the Sea of Marmara, greets you with its natural beauty and historical texture. Known as the pearl of Turkey, this island offers a unique experience to its visitors in every season. With its turquoise waters, serene beaches, and historical heritage, Avşa Island is like a paradise waiting to be discovered. In this article, you will explore the curiosities about Avşa Island’s unique atmosphere with the Island Guide and get acquainted with the island’s beauties.

Where is Avşa Island?

Avşa Island stands out as an island situated in Turkey’s Sea of Marmara. Located on the southern coast of Marmara, this island is approximately 200 kilometers away from Istanbul and is part of Balıkesir. The strategic location of the island has contributed to it hosting various civilizations throughout history and possessing a rich cultural heritage. Known as the pearl of the Marmara Region, Avşa Island attracts both local and international tourists with its easy accessibility and natural beauties.

How to Get to Avşa Island?

How to Get to Avşa Island

Access to Avşa Island is provided by a sea journey that takes 3.5 hours from Istanbul by ferry, 4 hours from Tekirdağ, and 2 hours from Erdek. The island has a health clinic, and in emergency health situations, it is possible to reach Erdek within 30 minutes by sea ambulance. Additionally, there are 2 pharmacies on the island. The security of the area is maintained by the Gendarmerie Command.

The water needs of Avşa Island are met by a seawater treatment plant, which is a first in Turkey. Thanks to the increased capacity of the facility in 2021, there is no water shortage on the island, and even during the peak season, sufficient water supply is maintained.

In terms of banking services, there is a PTT (Post Office) and a mobile branch of Ziraat Bank on the island. The PTT handles postal and cargo services. Bank ATMs are located in the island center.

The island hosts 3 mosques and 2 different tombs. These places of worship contribute to the island’s historical texture. On Sundays, a market is set up throughout the island. In Yiğitler, a smaller market takes place on Mondays, offering fruits, vegetables, basic food items, and clothing needs.

The greengrocers and businesses in the indoor market on the island are open all year round. Generally, there is no parking problem for those coming to the island with their vehicles, but this situation may change during holiday periods.

Places to See on Avşa Island

Places to See on Avşa Island

Yiğitler, Altınkum, Karadut, Çınar, Kumtur, Monastery, and Women’s Beach are must-see spots when you visit. If you didn’t come with your own vehicle, you can explore these bays with minibuses departing from the center. Avşa Island offers more than 30 beaches and places to visit. Sunbed and umbrella rentals on the beaches are generally handled by municipal officials, except on private beaches.

The routes of the minibus services are as follows: Yiğitler Minibus goes to Yiğitler, Yurdakul, Altınkum, Tavşanlı, and Karadut beaches. Çınar Minibus organizes trips to Kumbaşı, Beyazsaray, Monastery, Çınar, and Kumtur Bays. Mavikoy minibus operates year-round to Değirmenardı, Özkan Sitesi, Mavi Bay, and Çiftlik area.

In Avşa, among the culinary stops, notable flavors include Titiz Midye’s mussels, Meydan Kumru’s sandwiches, Ortaköy Waffle and Kumpir’s waffles and baked potatoes, Karadeniz Pide’s Black Sea-style pita, Şıkır Şıkır Kokotek’s kokoreç, and Roma Ice Cream’s wafer ice creams. Also, don’t forget to enjoy fish by the sea at tables set up on the sand along the beach.

These establishments on Avşa Island are significant examples carrying the historical and cultural heritage to the present day. Visitors can explore these structures to gain more insight into the island’s rich past.

Avşa Island Activities

Avşa Island Activities

Various activities that can be undertaken on Avşa Island include sea kayaking, pedal boating, canoeing, banana boat rentals, horseback riding, pier fishing, boat tours, and electric bike rentals. There is also a vehicle rental service operating throughout Avşa.

For gifts to take back to your loved ones, our suggestions include wine, olive oil, olive oil soap, local olive varieties, head cheese, tin cheese, and personalized souvenirs. These unique and regional gifts are wonderful options to convey the unique tastes and culture of Avşa Island to your loved ones.

In terms of entertainment, the amusement park operating in Deniz Mahallesi during the summer months can be a part of the enjoyable moments offered to visitors on the island.

Avşa Island is renowned for its nightlife, featuring 3 nightclubs, 2 live music cafe-bars, 2 folk music bars, and 4 club bars, adding color to the summer evenings. The popular nightclubs located in the Discolar area are the entertainment hub of the island.

Concert events organized throughout the summer, featuring beloved DJs and artists, enliven the nightlife. Entertainment in the bars street can continue until 2 a.m., while in the Discolar area, it can last until 4 a.m. After leaving the nightclubs, you can join the lively atmosphere at the restaurants in the center, which continues until the early hours, and witness the sunrise amidst the island’s beauties.


Avşa Island, with its natural beauties and rich history, is one of Turkey’s prominent tourist destinations. This island, with its unique geography, appeals to both history enthusiasts and nature lovers with its historical structures, clean beaches, and traditional texture.

The historical past of the island stands out with traces of different civilizations dating back to ancient times. Avşa, with its fortresses, churches, mosques, and ancient theater, is like an open-air museum waiting to be discovered for history aficionados.

Immersed in nature, the island offers an unforgettable holiday to sea lovers with its tranquil bays and clean beaches. Moreover, while exploring the island’s historical and cultural texture, you can also experience the warm hospitality of the local people.

Please be cautious! Upon landing at Avşa pier, do not trust individuals (commission agents) who typically try to market hotels that appear neglected and are usually located at the back. Due to the island’s structure, we recommend selecting a suitable facility from the hotels on our page at least 15 days in advance and making your early reservation by contacting them. We wish you a smooth and enjoyable holiday in advance.

In conclusion, Avşa Island offers an ideal destination for those who want to relax and explore, with its rich history, natural beauties, and warm atmosphere. Avşa Island, offering a different beauty in every season, is a recommended place for those who want to create unforgettable memories.

Avşa Island Tourist Map

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