Island Guide User and Privacy Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Agreement’) is concluded among the internet users (hereinafter referred to as the ‘User’) who will become a member of Island Guide or visit owned by Island Guide (hereinafter referred to as ‘’).

  1. is a social network service that provides its members with an environment to create e-journals (blogs), share news, and engage in comments and discussions.
  2. By becoming a member of or visiting, the User is deemed to have accepted this Agreement.
  3. While visiting, the User is considered to have committed to complying with this Agreement, any other terms of use published or to be published by Island Guide, and the legislation of the USA. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liability will belong to the User.
  4. In order for the User to add content to, comment on content, follow other members, add certain content to favorites, and message other members, they need to become a member by clicking on the “Become an Island Guide Member by Clicking Here” link on the homepage, providing an email address, username, first name, last name, password, and other requested data, or by logging in with a Facebook account. However, reading content, sharing content, reacting to content with emojis, and commenting on content with a Facebook account can be done without creating a membership account.
  5. The membership account should not contain any data that violates the law. Creating an account with a username that imitates someone else, using the name of any individual without permission, or creating an aggressive username to provoke people is not allowed.
  6. The User is obliged to provide accurate and complete information for the membership account and keep this information up to date.
  7. If the User joins with a Facebook account, they are deemed to have granted Island Guide access to the information provided by Facebook and conveyed to the user by Facebook during the membership process, in line with the services provided by The User can adjust which information from their Facebook account can be accessed by Island Guide in the privacy settings of their Facebook account.
  8. The User can close their registered membership account by clicking the “Delete My Membership” button in the profile settings. The membership account can be reactivated after being closed.
  9. The User acknowledges that Island Guide may reward its members for any reason at any time or unilaterally terminate their membership, temporarily or permanently close their membership account, delete the information in their membership account, and agrees that they cannot make any claims against Island Guide in such cases.
  10. Island Guide may delete accounts or sites that have not been operated, have not had written or visual entries or updates to for 1 (one) year, including the accounts of users.
  11. All rights related to the domain name, including subdomains, belong to Island Guide. Members have no rights over the subdomains where their membership accounts are located. The subdomains of deleted membership accounts or sites can be used by different members.
  12. Sending messages containing disturbing, threatening, harassing, or offensive content to members in public areas or private message areas on is prohibited. Members who violate this prohibition may be expelled by Island Guide after their situations are examined.
  13. The information, data, articles, photos, videos, audio clips, comments, articles, software, codes, graphics, briefly referred to as ‘content,’ on can be entered by members or editors.
  14. The content uploaded to must be accurate and up-to-date. Whether the content created, uploaded, or shared by the User on is shared privately or publicly, the accuracy, currency, and compliance with the current legislation are entirely the responsibility of the User.
  15. Island Guide has the right to remove, edit, modify, or block any content provided by the User at any time and without informing the User, at its discretion. Island Guide is not responsible for the content provided by the User. Island Guide has the right to remove pages or content that violate its principles and the law. In such a case, the User agrees without recourse that they will not make any claims against Island Guide.
  16. Island Guide has the right to reject, delay, postpone, or not publish any content, email, or message on its pages from the User without stating a reason.
  17. Using the content on for purposes other than using the services offered on, such as using, imitating, modifying, distributing, or storing content for other purposes, is prohibited. The User cannot sell the content on, exploit it for purposes such as advertising, or use it in a way that infringes on the rights of third parties.
  18. No content published on can be used, published, or distributed in any way in any media without obtaining permission from the content owner, without the consent of the relevant rights holders.
  19. The User undertakes that the content they submit to will not contain elements that harm the personality rights of third parties, are defamatory, deceptive, pornographic, morally objectionable photographs, or include elements of insult, violence, racism, discrimination, or illegality.
  20. The User cannot create advertisements on, upload content that could be considered covert advertising, or spam content without Island Guide’s request, written approval, or any agreement with Island Guide. If services are desired to be used for commercial purposes, please contact
  21. Island Guide may make certain areas or categories of paid and may unilaterally determine the fees for these services.
  22. Those who become members of are solely responsible for all actions, content uploaded, and any content and actions related to the membership account, even if their membership is terminated.
  23. Island Guide will exercise utmost care for the security of membership accounts. However, the security of the information and account password registered in the membership account is the responsibility of the User. The User should never share membership account information with third parties. In case of any situation beyond the User’s control regarding the membership account, Island Guide should be contacted immediately. Any malicious use, including the compromise of the User’s membership account password by third parties and the provision of illegal content by third parties, is the responsibility of the User, and any legal and criminal liability arising from malicious use is the User’s responsibility.
  24. The User cannot engage in actions that will prevent or complicate other users’ use of or disrupt or render servers or databases unusable. The User cannot harm any software, hardware, or communication element, create software or any computer code containing viruses, attempt to access any system, data, or password without authorization, try to decipher or disrupt the algorithms and codes in the provided services, alter, transform, translate, or publish content on other sites without quoting, distribute content that may contain banned information such as illegal messages, chain mail, software viruses, or any content that may harm third parties, and cannot engage in any behavior that is contrary to the law or may harm Island Guide or Otherwise, Island Guide reserves the right to initiate all legal and criminal proceedings.
  25. Island Guide may prevent the User from using or terminate their membership without stating a reason if the User behaves contrary to this Agreement, provides incorrect or false information while using or becoming a member of, maliciously uses the services provided on, or if Island Guide deems it necessary. In such cases, Island Guide also reserves the right to resort to legal actions.
  26. All intellectual and industrial property rights, including photographs, descriptions, methods, codes, programs, operational designs, logos, images, and texts, on, as well as the Island Guide trademark and domain name, subdomains, and all pages, belong to Island Guide or have been lawfully licensed by the rights holders for their use. Therefore, the mentioned content cannot be used, published, processed, reproduced, distributed, publicly utilized, or transmitted in any form without the written permission of Island Guide. Otherwise, Island Guide reserves the right to initiate all legal and criminal proceedings.
  27. Except for personal use, all financial rights of the content specified to belong to Island Guide and all photos, descriptions, methods, codes, programs, operations, and visuals can be broadcasted through all means, including copying, processing, and the internet, radio-television, satellite, and cable broadcasting organizations, or digital transmission, signal, audio and/or video transmission tools, and limited to them.
  28. The quotation of the content on is possible within reasonable limits, with the condition of referencing and providing a link to our site, and as long as it remains within reasonable limits and does not eliminate the need to visit to be informed about the content. In any case, quoting the entire content of any of the content on is not possible without the written permission of Island Guide, even if the above conditions are met. The provisions of the Intellectual and Artistic Works Law regarding the subject are reserved.
  29. Regarding any content for which the User does not have the right to publish, the User must provide content in accordance with the procedure specified in the Intellectual and Artistic Works Law and by referring to it; otherwise, the User is obliged to compensate all direct and indirect, material and moral damages suffered and may be suffered by and Island Guide.
  30. In relation to any type of content offered for publication on, the User unconditionally assigns, without any return, all copyright, including the rights to process, reproduce, distribute, represent, transmit by means of signs, sounds, and/or images, to, without limitation as to place, time, and medium. Therefore, the User can only use the content in accordance with the conditions specified in Article 28 of this Agreement. Any use of the content outside these conditions is subject to the written approval of Island Guide.
  31. The User acknowledges that is a platform that allows users to share information, and Island Guide is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, legality, or appropriateness of the content shared by users on the platform. Island Guide has no obligation to monitor the content shared by users but reserves the right to remove or modify any content that violates this Agreement or is deemed inappropriate, at its discretion.
  32. Island Guide may update, modify, or revise the terms of this Agreement at any time without prior notice. The User is responsible for regularly reviewing the Agreement to be aware of any changes. By continuing to use after changes are made, the User agrees to be bound by the updated terms of the Agreement.
  33. This Agreement is governed by United States law. US Courts and Enforcement Offices have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising from or related to this Agreement.
  34. While Island Guide makes maximum efforts to ensure that does not contain viruses or other harmful content, Island Guide is not responsible for any damages incurred by the User, such as the User experiencing technical problems, getting a virus on their computer, or suffering any harm (including damage to the User’s computer or programs). Therefore, no claims can be made against Island Guide. The User is responsible for taking necessary precautions to avoid such damages.
  35. Island Guide reserves the right to change the structure of’s services at any time without prior notice to the User and/or to temporarily or permanently terminate services or certain features.
  36. Island Guide emphasizes the importance of the continuity of the content, services, opportunities, and other elements on However, Island Guide does not guarantee that the broadcast and/or services provided through will be uninterrupted. In such a case, Island Guide is not responsible.
  37. In case of any data loss due to Island Guide’s or the third parties’ fault that Island Guide receives services from, Island Guide is not responsible, and the responsibility for re-entering lost information and data lies with the User. Therefore, it is recommended that the User takes their own measures to protect their data.
  38. Some of the information provided by the User to Island Guide, such as email addresses and IP information, is mandatory, while others are optional and given by the User’s choice or approved by the User for Island Guide’s access. Island Guide may store this information as long as deemed necessary to provide better services to users, even if the information is deleted by the User. However, Island Guide will not retain IP information beyond its legal period.
  39. While Island Guide takes maximum care in storing User information, Island Guide is not responsible if unauthorized access occurs to the system where User data is stored, if the system’s operation is disrupted or changed, and if User information is obtained, altered, or deleted in this way. Each time the User visits, information such as IP address, operating system, browser used (Explorer, Chrome, etc.), connection time, and duration are automatically recorded. These automatically obtained pieces of information may be used by Island Guide, without the need for the User’s permission, without being shared with third parties, either associated with your personal information or used anonymously.
  40. If a formal request is made by the authorities, Island Guide will provide User information.
  41. During the User’s visit to, “cookies” or similar tracking data for analyzing site usage data may be placed on the User’s computer. Cookies are simple text files that do not contain identity or other private information, but they store session information and similar data and can be used to recognize the User again.
  42. Island Guide may include information and links related to third-party websites in, promotional posts, or advertisements. If the User enters other websites by clicking on these links, these sites or the applications of these sites are not under the control of Island Guide, and this Agreement is not valid for these other accessible sites. Island Guide has no responsibility for the accuracy, information use, privacy policies, and content of the information contained on these sites. There is no responsibility of Island Guide for the accuracy, information use, privacy policies, and content of the information contained on these sites.
  43. If the User wishes to be informed about updates on and other matters, they can subscribe to’s email distribution list. To unsubscribe from the email distribution list, the User can make the necessary settings through the settings menu.
  44. In resolving any disputes arising from the implementation of this Agreement, Turkish Law will be applied. Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices will have jurisdiction over any disputes.
  45. The Parties acknowledge, declare, and undertake that the records and computer records (email correspondences, internet traffic information, access records [logs], etc.) of Island Guide, which are valid, binding, conclusive, and exclusive evidence within the scope of Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure No. 6100, will be considered valid within the framework of the Evidence Agreement and that they will not waive any of their rights under this Agreement by partially or entirely not using these rights or acting contrary to them.
  46. Notifications to be sent to each other by the Parties will be sent to the address and/or email address notified by the User to or to the address and/or email address specified by Island Guide in this Agreement. In case of any change in the address and/or email address notified by the User to Island Guide, the User will notify the new address and/or email address to Island Guide in writing. If there is any change in the address and/or email address of Island Guide, the relevant change will be transferred to this Agreement. Otherwise, notifications to the address and/or email addresses notified by the User to Island Guide and the address and/or email addresses specified by Island Guide in this Agreement will result in valid notifications with all legal consequences.
  47. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement will not affect the other provisions of the Agreement.
  48. The fact that the Parties do not partially or completely use or act contrary to the rights arising from this Agreement in any way will not mean that they have waived these rights.
  49. The User acknowledges that photographs and texts created by artificial intelligence technology on the internet site may be used for the analytical evaluation of public reactions. The User requests the highest level of protection of privacy and security during the process of collecting, storing, and using their data. The User accepts that their data may be collected, stored, and used for determining public reactions only, with the prevention of sharing with third parties. The User acknowledges that the confidentiality and security of their data are guaranteed and declares that Island Guide will not be held responsible for any misuse of their data.
  50. This Agreement may be revised and updated without prior notice to the User as new features are added to or new suggestions come from Users. Therefore, it is recommended that the User review this Agreement each time they visit This document was last updated on January 10, 2024. If you have any questions about the membership agreement or applications, please contact us.